5 essential points to check before getting a Management System Software

Whether it is aroused by a technical incident, a need to modernize the way it works or simply a desire to be more reactive in the company evolutions, to equip yourself with a QHSE/Management system software is not a decision taken lightly. Because it is a real financial cost but also the place that it will take within the quality department, the software has to meet 100% of the expectations and uses of the company. The selection process of a software is sometimes long and boring but it does include numerous stakeholders! Among the numerous offers on the market, how to choose the good software? Which criteria to consider first? What errors shouldn’t you commit? Here are 5 points to verify before equipping yourself with a QHSE/Management system software.


1- It is not only a tool, it is a partner : the best software is the one which is made FOR you!

When buying a software for your business, you treat yourself with a tool identifying the priorities, the strengths and the weaknesses of your devices and which can quickly correct the malfunctions or improve the current results. Yet, a software is only effective if he completely answers the specificities of the company. According to your size, your field of expertise and your goals, you will not look for the same features. So, the first criterion to be verified is the following one : does this software have features that my company needs? This aspect can seem obvious but many companies become attached to the technology without knowing if it is relevant regarding the targeted quality department.

2- QHSE software : new tool, new tasks?

One of the main assets of a QHSE software, it is to achieve in a few clicks tasks which would have required several working hours (tasks which are often put aside for lack of time). These tasks lead to reports and analyses which are essential to measure the efficiency of the company QHSE plan. When we check that a software offers the useful features for the company activity, it is important to make sure that it can structure information to supply necessary performance indicators in reporting. QHSE softwares must not be considered as the alternative to human resource but rather as an accelerator make important missions more quickly and more easily. This QSE information system will be particularly precious within the ISO certifications framework and in the customer satisfaction improvement. A new QHSE software does not have to radically change the way of working and especially it has to relieve the users of boring tasks.


3- Investing in a software : yes! Buying new equipment : no!

Purchasing of a QHSE software is an important investment and it is then imperative to verify that this one will work with the company equipment. This aspect is often dropped because we underestimate the relationship between a smooth running software and the computer hardware. Furthermore, it is important to check that the chosen software can be completely used on the type of equipment used by the company (PC, laptops, tablets). This upstream check shrinks additional costs and does not impact the Return on investment.


4- A custom-made security for your data

Your data is your most precious property and for your company, it shouldn’t be in the hands of the first person to come. The QHSE software also has to adapt itself to the needs for your quality department, your data must be kept with security guarantees. What could be more relevant than a custom-made solution? By setting the security parameters of your software taking into account every detail, you ensure the protection of your data and the peace of mind for your collaborators. Your information is structured, centralized, and safely filed in the “safe” of your QHSE software. Security is not a luxury but a necessity!


5- Paperwork : does your software follow the legislations?

Being sure that the software will meet your company expectations, it is important to check that it will follow the latest legislations in force. QHSE departments are submitted to numerous regulations which can be modified or even completely changed from one year to the other. So, it is essential to check that the chosen software is following the current and future standards. In that case, it is the flexibility of evolution that will be a determining criterion. Certification agencies take into account the mechanism conformity implemented in the software using traceability proof elements to make their reports. What a relief to have a software which can say: “who did what, when and with which information”!


In a nutshell, before wanting to equip your company of QHSE software or an Integrated Management system, it is necessary to determine your needs and goals. Whether it is a packaged software or a custom-made solution should not be a concern. What really matters? Finding a software editor which will become your partner, capable of overcoming the challenge you will face him with :

  • Obtaining the support from the future users?
  • Improving the customer service?
  • Shortening the non-compliance process?
  • Accelerating the internal audit report deadlines?
  • Enhancing workflows reliability?
  • Going beyond traceability to reach excellence?

No matter the engine, if it leads you to your destination!

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