Compliance, assessment and audit

Ensure that your organisation complies with the relevant obligations (Quality Health Safety Environment, ISO 9001, 27001, …) or financial regulations (SolvabilitĂ© 2, Bâle 3, …). Dematerialise your assessment and audit processes. With our low-code solution, create the application you need to reduce the time spent on compliance, assessment and audit, and increase your efficiency :

  • The powerful workflow engine in your new application guides you through the assessment and audit actions step by step. You follow the procedures without any risk of missing out a step, deadline or contact person. You can also set up automatic reminders if a step is running late or you can ask the application to anticipate proactively and ensure that you meet deadlines for production and sending information. Last but not least, you can ask the application to allocate tasks automatically to the appropriate people, leaving you to focus on your core activity.
  • Your new application changes in line with ongoing developments in your organisation and evolving regulations and internal procedures. You may have to add a new frame of reference, a category of risks, or modify an assessment process, a new complaints template, change an action plan or the way of handling corrective actions; the application offers you total traceability and an overview of your risk management.
  • Your new application lets you track actions in real time per incident, per person, per site or status. You plan internal and external audits collaboratively. The application enables you to determine the scope, participants, auditors and level of qualification and it allows you to generate audit reports using data input in the field.

Your new enterprise application offers all the functionalities you need to steer your management system, compliance, assessment and audit systems both effectively and reliably, no matter the frames of reference, sectors of activity or goals for continuous improvement. Your new enterprise application underpins your approach, and offers proof of excellence to your customers, suppliers and audit or accreditation organisations.


low-code reference


A business application to dematerialize the evaluation process of the agencies practicing missions of control.   The client: Cofrac (French Committee of accreditation) The stake : Dematerialize the evaluation process of Cofrac to gain efficiency and attractiveness with the assessors. The solution : A secure and available web application in the disconnected mode to type, …

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