Integrate EDM software with a Workflow software. What are the risks ?

To answer a business need, the CIO often proposes as a solution the integration of a EDM brick (electronic document management) and a workflow brick. What are the risks of this solution which seems ideal at first sight?

1st risk : integration

This risk is important, and those who have experience on this type of project know it, the integration of two software bricks is always a major challenge in a project. This risk is bound to the fact that the EDM brick is designed to work in a certain way and it’s the same for the workflow brick. So by integrating one to the other, you are already in a particular situation (planned or not by the editor). Then, it is necessary to realize the integration according to the business need, and that’s the tricky part. You have two solutions :

  • Restrict the business need to the features arisen from this integration;
  • Shape each brick (and possibly develop specific features) to fully match the business need.

Furthermore :

  • Is the solution arisen from this integration ergonomic?
  • Does it allow gains of performance?
  • Will it be adopted by the users?

To finish, what about the integration maintenance? When one of the bricks is going to publish a version of maintenance, it will also be necessary to verify the matching integration. Here there are 3 main maintenance aspects :

  • EDM brick
  • workflow brick
  • integration


We will soon come back to you with other risks connected to this type of integration but if you already want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us. Obviously, if you want to avoid this type of risk, we recommend you to take a solution in which these bricks were integrated from the beginning, by only one software editor, such as Anakeen Platform.