Document process

Create, collaborate and share intuitively all your organisation’s documents and content, and put an end to concerns about data format issues. Offer constant access to work that has been completed, tasks remaining to be done and the people to who tasks should be allocated in case of departures or absence.

The companies can easily lose important operational knowledge when certain employees leave the company. This can often cost time and precious customers … By helping organisations to centralise and better manage their content, procedures and document processes, a specific application helps share such knowledge more easily.

Offer your users an application that helps them structure documentation (previously in paper or simple electronic file format) and increase efficiency.

  • Your new application allows users to access the appropriate information they need for their day-to-day tasks speedily and securely. They no longer need to worry about all the data comprising the final document, as it’s now the document process which is in charge of producing the document.
  • Your new application is personalised to each user’s profile, resulting in faster production of information and automated collaboration between all parties involved in the document process. Users are now able to focus on their expertise at every level; regarding tasks that need to carried out, data transformation, reminders or notifications.

By dematerialising the information flow between departments and your partners, the new enterprise application improves your processes’ agility and reduces operating costs. Your users consequently benefit from an application which offers real time savings as it adapts to their specific way of working, designing access, information research and production. Your organisation will save time and money, while improving the user experience and ultimately employees’ quality of work. You encourage the loyalty of your employees and all stakeholders.


low-code reference

Professional Documentation Center of the Police Department

A business application to manage electronically content and professional information distribution. The client : Police Department Documentation Centre The stake : Creating a long-term professional information basis from several resources.   The solution : An Anakeen Platform application efficiently structuring data from the documentary base.   The results : A complete and robuste system of …

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