Low-Code Solution for Complex Business App

Anakeen Platform is the ideal basis for any enterprise application that needs to manage and transform complex non-static data, and orchestrate dynamic business processes. Anakeen Platform can be hosted On Premises or on the Cloud (SaaS) and offers a range of APIs to recuperate and/or feed third-party information systems.

Workflow Package

With the Workflow Package, digitalize business processes to allow users to focus on their core business activity. Thanks to the document’s lifecycle, the task management and the process automation, the whole business process is accelerated and secured.

User Interface Package

With the User Interface Package, you can provide an unequalled user experience through a tailored ergonomy and the aestetic or a rich interface.

Continuity Experience Package

The Continuity Experience Package offers a progressive adaptation to the differents devices and internet connexions for an equal performance feeling. This package carries as well a complete offline mode, without any alteration of the UX.

Security Package

With the Security Package, dynamic rights allows to adjust to the best the data’s confidentiality to the stage of the workflow. The traceability of any action is complete and each data will be seen by the right person exclusively.

Transformation Package

With the Transformation Package, your data can be transformed to documents DOCX, XLSX, CSV or PDF. Apply a template to save some time at the end of a workflow.