Anakeen: experts
in delivering successful
digital transformation projects
since 1998

Anakeen was founded in 1998 by Yannick Le Briquer. After working on the technical documentation management system for Airbus, involving tens of thousands of pages, and advising various businesses on improving their business processes, Yannick Le Briquer realised the importance of impeccably structured information in making a success of the transition to paperless operations. Noting the lack of any solution that facilitated the development of effective information management applications, he decided to form Anakeen with the desire to design software where the data carried the application’s intelligence, not the code written to run it.

For successful digital transformation, organisations need a development platform that generates code able to interpret structured data taken from functional specification. There is no longer a need for many sources of code split into different functions. This centralisation brings greater security; the maintenance of applications developed in this way is also simpler.

Since 1998, we have successfully completed more than 50 transformation projects and developed bespoke applications put to the test daily by tens of thousands of users in various fields such as human resources, integrated management systems, assessment management, audit management, quality control management and collaborative file management.