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The Anakeen platform contains all the mechanisms required to create an web application.
With the addition of a relatively small amount of code, the platform generates all the ingredients needed to design a bespoke enterprise application: data structure, a workflow engine, a dynamic access matrix and a graphic user interface ready to be personalised. This tool is agile, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and flexible.


Anakeen Platform provides 80% of an application’s functionalities. Development time is reduced fourfold compared to a framework. You maintain the momentum of a project primed for success, and reduce the likelihood of a tunnel effect.


With Anakeen Platform there are 20 times fewer lines of code compared to a framework. The risk of bugs is therefore also reduced by 20 and frictions during the acceptance phase are drastically reduced.


Anakeen Platform is designed for major new enterprise application projects. Over 100,000 people use it every day. We ensure the creation of a modern and efficient application.


By choosing Anakeen Platform, you allocate your budget to something fundamental. You reduce the number of anomalies and thereby decrease the cost of corrective maintenance and can develop your application continuously.


Anakeen Platform was designed taking both business and technical constraints into account. It can be hosted on the Cloud (SaaS) or On Premises, depending which option suits your company.

Our latest success story :


Application métier de gestion des audits, des non-conformités et des constats.   Le client : Groupe AFNOR L’enjeu : Améliorer l’outillage des auditeurs pour offrir aux clients d’AFNOR un audit efficient et une génération du rapport d’audit accéléré.   La solution : Développement de l’application OPERA fonctionnant avec la dernière norme web HTML5 et offrant …

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