Professional Services

Experts to walk you through each stage of the project


Functional expertise

An Anakeen engineer will accompany you on all aspects of the functional side with a fine understanding of : your business, collaborative aspects, information management, business rules, external constraints and your corporate culture. The Anakeen guarantee is to learn your business, to listen meticulously to your needs and to offer advice in order to increase the efficiency of your business processes, building a solution with you which is tailored to the business users’ needs.

Technical expertise

An Anakeen engineer provides support for the technical aspects, whether they are directly linked to the future enterprise application, or to specific technical issues regarding layers of infrastructure or the system, or even more specific issues such as the offline function or ergonomics. The Anakeen guarantee is to rise to your technical challenges by working together on a solution in close partnership. This collaboration avoids the pitfalls of exceeding deadlines or budgets.

Project management support

Whether you would like us to support one of your developers, to allocate your project to a partner IT services company or directly to us, we have the right organisation. Your ambitious and innovative project will be handled by the best profiles. The Anakeen guarantee is to be your guide, whether we lead the project or are subcontracted, to ensure that every delivery reaches a successful completion. We offer you advice and expertise before, during and after the project.

Training and Certification

An Anakeen trainer helps you improve your skills at handling our solution, whether you are developer, project manager or an IT consultant. Each training course is certified, as proof that your new know-how has really been acquired. A range of courses is offered to suit different levels of experience and there are also courses on various specialist subjects.

Support and Maintenance

All Anakeen engineers are mobilised to ensure a tailored level of service for your applications created with our solution, in line with your project’s challenges and criticality. We are committed to your side and to your integrators to guarantee an optimal level of service adapted to the criticality of your applications in production.