The company Anakeen

Our story

In 1998, when Yannick Le Briquer was advising a range of companies how to organise their business processes, he noted an absence of solutions to help people develop specific applications to manage information. He imagined an applicative basis which could take on this role and designed a low-code platform dedicated to the development of complex enterprise applications. Since 2008, the French software publisher Anakeen has been helping companies create strategic applications, which have stood the daily test of time used by tens of thousands of users from a broad range of business functions: human resources, integrated management systems, assessment, audit, tracking management, collaborative  and general file management.


Our people

Our team, comprising 10 engineers and developers, focuses its expertise on developing a robust, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and flexible base. Their goal is to improve the user experience in complex enterprise applications by providing new generation ergonomics.


Our values

Anakeen respects strong values which define its uniqueness and underpin its added value:

  • People-centric
    Anakeen is focussed on business users. Our solution was created around people, rather than technical issues. Our platform speaks the language of business and our prime concern is the user experience.
  • Reliability
    Anakeen is a French company rooted in the aeronautical and space industry, where failure is not an option. Our platform is stable and robust, a view expressed by 99% of our clients.
  • Innovation
    Anakeen invests on a yearly basis, in order to offer its customers the best of cutting-edge technology. A major share of turnover is invested back into Research and Development.
  • Open approach
    Anakeen uses Open Source software for design, development, integration and testing. It’s a logical consequence that the core of our platform is published under an Open Source licence.